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These are the tireless writers helping all of us build this Evony wiki.

George Vanous

A 13-year entrepreneur and web producer living in Vancouver, Canada, George Vanous has built the Hotmail.com header for Microsoft and the Intel 40th Anniversary intranet. He is now fully focused on THEGAMENET and building the next great gamer's social network, starting with EvonyNet.

Henry Schmaltz

Henry is a content and video script writer working on videos, wikis and communities for Evony. He and his brother produced the popular EvonyTutorials YouTube channel.

Curtis Pyke

Curtis is a senior content writer and Internet community builder in Vancouver, Canada. He has managed the largest guild on World of Warcraft and manages THEGAMENET communities, including this Evony wiki!

Zinovi Tauber

Zinovi also runs his own alliance and shares his Evony knowledge with everyone on Evonypedia. He should be one of the smartest players, with Ph.D. in computer vision, but is often pwned by 13-year-olds!