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Mario Saif recently joined server 138 as TheVampirePrince (Date joined:March,13th,2010). As you know he continues to assist players in every way he can as an evony editor. He is the most recognized Evony Diplomat and Vice Host, his talent in this aspect is exceptional, evony recommends him as your Vice Host or Diplomat (prestige doesn't matter when it comes to him he renders great assistance in theses aspect in spite of  his prestige status.

Recently Mario Saif joined server 133. His name there is VampPrince.
Mario Saif is one of the most experienced host/vice host, he is approved by evonypedia and gamenet. 

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Mario Saif Ali is an intellectual student. After winning a Commonwealth impromptu speaking competition, he was motivated to pursue studies in Ancient Literature, History, Geography, Mythology, among others, when questioned by his classmates and friends as to where these studies might lead, Mario just smiled and assured them it will pay off sometime.

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One year later during a class assignment, Mario's studies payed off in an essay he wrote on "How the ozone layer is being depleted by greenhouse gases" received the praise from both his teachers and friends as one of the most interesting and well instituted essay. He continued to to read various forms as literature which both intrigued him as well as angered him. Mario basically enjoys reading and exploring history, and it was during one of his historical researches that he discovered evony, which proved to be an enjoyable way to learn and experience the Byzantium Empire; their culture, their technology,etc.

Since Mario started to play he enjoyed every moment of it, and he had a dream of mixing the Byzantium culture with modern politics and diplomatic organizations from various empires in history. he shared his ideas with a few players who thought they were rather interesting and helped him to establish them in the game, but they were unfortunately unsuccessful. Mario joined the evony press sometime later, and used this media to expose his ideas to the evony community, from that point things started to happen.

Mario currently servers as the editor for server 92, his user name is Vampire Prince there, in this server he shared his opinions of new forms of diplomacy where they are currently being developed, he has practically given up his account so that he can help the players on that server.
Mario is also playing on server 121, and is Soldier of Christ, and PrinceAli.... If you know him please contact him, he will help you...