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Guides for Evony Diplomats

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Aim: The purpose of this article is to assist evony diplomats in their duties by providing guides, rules     and and general pointers/tips.

Let us first look at what is diplomacy, and what it means as it relates to evony.

What is Diplomacy?

Diplomacy is the art and practice of conducting negotiations between representatives of groups or states. It usually refers to international diplomacy, the conduct of international relations through the intercession of professional diplomats with regard to issues of peace-making, trade, war,economics,cultureenvironment and human rights.(Wikipedia)

Who are Diplomats?

The word diplomat refers to an ambassador or an envoy who is appointed to represent his state or country for maintaining foreign relations with other governments. A diplomat is usually known for his people-skills and usage of tact in communicating with people. After all, a diplomat is answerable to his country for safeguarding the integrity, culture, diversity and peace. At the same time, a diplomat has to ensure that the trade, cultural and political interest of the other country is not effected. A diplomat can also refer to a person who prefers to conduct in such a manner that he or she does not get into arguments or conflicts.

Diplomacy in Evony.

Diplomacy in Evony basically refers to/or entails creating ties between alliances, whether it be a friendly/neutral/hostile ties or relationships. These ties can be made between two independent alliances or various groups of alliance organisations or cooperations.

The following are Evony Diplomats Criteria:

- Must have previous experience in diplomatics on Evony.
  Should be able to prove experience by creating a friendly or neutral relationship without the help of anyone/ or any position.

- Must have a good(positive) attitude.
- Should be open-minded and not be afraid to express opinions openly.

- If possible, written recommendations can be presented.

- Prestige/honor doesn't really matter but must have at least over 5-10k prestige or honor.

- Must be an active player and one who contributes regularly.

- Should be honest, trustworthy, and dependable.

- Should be at least 2 days old in the server.

Positions and regulations for diplomats.

-A diplomat should either be a Vice Host or a Presbyter.

-They should be allowed access to all discussions being held by alliances administration officials. They must not be prohibited to speak to any alliance regardless of that alliances status and they must be updated constantly by the host or alliance advisor(s).

- They should be allowed to move between allied alliances for special purposes.

A diplomat who has been declared immune by an alliance should not and cannot be expelled from another alliance without their consent. If a situation of this manner arise the alliance that expelled the diplomat must give a report on why, they acted in such a way. if they fail to do this war can and will be declared immediately on that alliance.

Rules for Diplomats:

- All diplomats or diplomatically related officials should act in a professional manner.

- There aims and expectations should be clearly and simply stated.

- Diplomats are negotiators and must not involve themselves in alliance wars. There job should be to settle the war and not to encourage it and to prolong it unnecessarily.

- If a diplomat is caught deliberately breaking and alliance rule in another alliance and they used diplomatic immunity to try to over throw the governance of that alliance, they can be revoked by their head of diplomacy.

- Diplomats should communicate regularly with the alliance advisor on governance.

- A report must be given the host or Head of Diplomatics (HoD), after a negotiation/agreement/treaty is created.   

Author: Mario Saif Ali