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The Evony academy is very important for a successful town. Level One and Level Two are very important.

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If you are running low on your resources, if you research Agriculture, Lumbering, Masonry, and Mining, your prodution goes up by 10%. Pretty good, right?

Level Four is perhaps the best Level ever.

Compass is great, it can make you move faster by 10%, when you move between cities.

Archery is a biggy. With Archery, you can get Archers, which are perhaps one of the best attackers.

Also, you can build Archer Towers, which is the best defense in the game. If you have 5k or over for Archer Towers, you are pretty set for defense. Archery also lets you get Ballistae, but they take for ever to train.

Archery also gets Catapult, which is also great, but expensive.

The academy is a school for advanced learning. Though China, Egypt, and India had such institutes earlier, the term "academy" was first applied to the Athenian school of philosophy, founded by Plato in approximately 390 BC.

The academy was an important asset for a city as it attracted both brilliant scholars and the children of wealthy or noble parents, who sometimes decided to settle in the city.

The academy provided a broad, general education, or it might concentrate on mathematics, art, natural philosophy, or even the martial arts. Even today many institutions use the name "academy."

Level 1 allows Agriculture, Lumbering and Military Science to be researched.

Level 2 allows Masonry, Mining, and Military Tradition to be researched.

Level 3 allows Metal Casting, Informatics, and Iron Working to be researched.

Level 4 allows Logistics, Compass and Archery to be researched.

Level 5 allows Horseback Riding and Construction to be researched.

Level 6 allows Stockpile and Medicine to be researched.

Level 7 allows nothing new to be researched.

Level 8 allows Engineering to be researched.

Level 9 allows Machinery to be researched.

Level 10 allows Privateering to be researched.