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Feasting Hall

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The Feasting Hall is the residence of the heroes. You can check the status of heroes, upgrade stats, give rewards, and dismiss them. There must be vacancies in the hall if you want to hire a hero.
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There must also be a vacancy if you capture a hero during combat. A captured Hero can either be Persuaded to join you (same cost as hiring in the Inn) or Released.

Also it is a good idea to keep Hero 'seats' spare in case either one of your cities is about to be lost and you want to save them, or one of your cities has been devastated/plundered and cannot pay the Heroes from City Tax.

Rename Button

After capturing your enemies Hero, you may find he/she's a 'poison pill' with an abusive name. Change it here.

Dismiss Button

Hasta la vista, Baby! The Feasting Hall is full but there's a better Hero in the Inn? Time for retirement.

Upgrade Button

In the example below an L10 hero has accumulated enough experience to go up a level. Experience can be gained by:

  1. Appointing a Hero to be Mayor - continuous trickle feed
  2. Leading troops into Battle - can get a lot of experience very quickly, but needs big casualty count
Applying an Item via the green 'plus' sign - instantaneous
  • Anabasis (+1,000 experience)
  • Epitome of Military Science (+10,000)
  • On War (+100,000)

Redistribute Button

Requires Holy Water Item. Allows redistribute of the same number of points as the Hero level.

Reward Button

Rewards can alter Hero Stats temporarily or Loyalty permanently. A 15 minute cool-down is enforced between all
types of reward. There are three kinds of Rewards:


100 gold for each level of a Hero buys 5 loyalty points.
Seek independent financial advice before trying this with a high level Hero.

Each Item gives a 25% increase in one stat for 24 hours
The Art Of War Intelligence
The Wealth of Nations Politics
Excalibur Attack

Save Button

Changes need to be saved before leaving this window or they are lost.

Level 1:

Level 1 accommodates up to 1 Hero.

Prerequisite Required
Inn Lv.1
Food 400
Lumber 2500
Stone 1200

Level 2:

Level 2 accommodates up to 2 Heroes.

Prerequisite Required
Inn Lv.1
Food 800
Lumber 5000
Stone 2400
Iron 1400
Costs Time: 12m 00s

Level 3:

Level 3 allows a max of 3 Heroes.

Prerequisite Required
Inn Lv.1
Food 1600
Lumber 10000
Stone 4800
Iron 2800
Costs Time: 24m 00s

Level 4:

Level 4 allows a max of 4 Heroes.

Prerequisite Required
Inn Lv.1
Food 3200
Lumber 20000
Stone 9600
Iron 5600
Costs Time: 48m 00s

Level 5:

Level 5 allows a max of 5 Heroes. 

Prerequisite Required
Inn Lv.1
Food 6400
Lumber 40000
Stone 19200
Iron 11200
Costs Time: 1h 36m 00s

Level 6:

Level 6 allows a max of 6 Heroes.

Prerequisite Required
Inn Lv.1
Food 12800
Lumber 80000
Stone 38400
Iron 22400
Costs Time: 3h 12m 00s

Level 7:

Level 7 allows a max of 7 Heroes. 

Prerequisite Required
Inn Lv.1
Food 25600
Lumber 160000
Stone 76800
Iron 44800
Costs Time: 6h 24m 00s

Level 8:

Level 8 allows a max of 8 Heroes. 

Prerequisite Required
Food 51200
Lumber 320000
Stone 153600
Iron 89600
Costs Time: 12h 48m 00s