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Strong and firm city walls built around the city provide significant protection against attacks and invasions. All kinds of fortified units can be built here.

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The way durability used to work is that if the enemy army can't destroy your walls in 100 rounds, they all automatically die. Now whatever troops were living at the end of the 100th round are able to return home.

Also note that the once useful tactic of "Scout Spamming" to send in fast scout units to hit the walls in an attempt at lowering loyalty no longer work.  Scouts can no longer cause any damage to wall durability.

To see how much space you have for each fortification, click "Build" button for that fortification.

For example, each archer's tower occupies 3 vacant spaces.

Wall level 9 will give you 45k spaces, level 10 will give 55k spaces.

Range Bonus:

Walls give out a 5% range bonus to all defending troops. The range bonuses are listed below for each wall level.

To find out the range of a specified unit use this equation:

                    Units Range x (Archery Level percent + Walls Range percent) =


Archers: Range=1200, Archery Level 10, Walls level 10

 + 1200 * 10 archery * 0.05
 + 1200 * 10 walls * 0.05
= 1200 + 1200*0.5 + 1200*0.5
= 2400

This is an Archers max Range

Archer Tower: Range=1300, Archer Level 10, Walls level 10

1300 x 2 =  2600  range. This is a Archer Tower's max Range

Use this equation to get the range of other defending units like ballista, catapults and traps and so on.

Level 1:

Level 1 Walls have durability of 100,000 and Fortified Units Spaces of 1000

Prerequisite Required
Quary Lv.2
Workshop Lv.1
Food 3000
Lumber 1500
Stone 10000
Iron 500
Time Requirement                30m 00s