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Defensive Trebuchet

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The Evony Defensive Trebuchet (previously called Rock Fall) is a city defense against attackers. Just like in medieval times, trebuchet are one shot wonders that break and need to be rebuilt after every use.

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In poetic Chinese, the phrase "Rock Fall" translates to mean "Defensive Trebuchet".

In English, defensive trebuchet means "Falling rocks that destroy attacking mechanical units". This refers to siege equipment, such as ballistae, battering rams and catapults.

Originally, defensive trebuchet were a short range defense, so ballistae and catapults could easily destroy them, but the May 2009 Evony patch changed this so defensive trebuchet now destroy these mechanical units.

Defensive trebuchet are now on par with traps and abatis: the attacking troops must destroy them before attacking the inner defenses.

Level 10 NPC cities are now formidable opponents with 1375 defensive trebuchet!

Prerequisite Required
Construction Lvl 7 wall
Technology Metal Casting LV6
Food 600
Stone 8000
Costs Time: 6m 33s
# spots on wall 5

Attribute Value
Life ***
Attack 800
Range 5000
Defense ***