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Secondary Cities, What to Build edited by VampirePrince

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We all eventually take over second and third and fourth cities, and we want to know the ideal way to build buildings on them. We don't want to waste spots on things we will never use. 

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Inn and Feasting Hall:
 You will want one if these in every city in order to acquire and appoint heroes for each city.

Beacon Tower: Every city, you'll want to know if you have enemies coming.

Rally Point: Should be the first thing you build so you can send troops to and from the city.

Cottages: You will obviously want several of these in every city to allow for population growth.

Barracks: Again, you will need several of these if you intend on building an army. (6-9 barracks recommended in one city-helps increase speed of production)

Embassy: I believe you need an embassy to hold alliance troops, so if you are planning on being in need of aid from your alliance, build one of these in your city.

Workshop: This is necessary for a wall, so you need it in every city. Once your walls are level 9 this can be demolished.

Academy: Every city shares research, but you need an academy of appropriate level to use the research in each city, so build one of these everywhere.

Warehouse: I'd suggest it in every city, you need to protect your resources. Put as many as you think you need. Personally, I have 3.
Second Opinion: I only keep one in each of my cities. They don't hold much and in a well fortified city are not even really necessary. It is mostly personal choice and the extent of your army and wall defenses.

Marketplace: I've been told to keep one in every city, not sure why though.

Stable: Stables are not necessary once all researches have been completed and your relief station is level 9.

Relief Station: You must have a relief station for your troops to be faster than normal. A city with a level 7 relief station will move troops more slowly than one with a level 9 relief station.

Forge: Once researches are all done this can be demolished.