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Attacking Players

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Guide to Conquering High Level Villages from active players

If you are going to conquer a city in Evony it should be a city worth keeping. For me that is a city with high level buildings and several high level barracks.

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New players with low prestige usually don’t have villages like that, so when you try to conquer cities it is usually cities from high prestige active players. It can be very difficult to conquer a village from a high prestige active player, so I thought I’d explain how I do it.

You need to have high enough title to take two more villages to use this method. The first thing is to get a base close to the city you want to conquer, preferably less than 10 miles from it. What you do is to look for a low prestige hopefully inactive player with at least 2 villages, that has one village close to the high level village you eventually want to have. If there are more easy to get villages to choose from, choose the one with highest rally point and feasting hall.

You take this easy to get village using the normal method, first destroying fortififactions and then scout spamming it. Scout spamming is attacking the village with 1 scout and 1 hero several times until the loyalty is below 15. When it’s below 15 keep attacking it now and then so that the public grievance remains high, it will drop to 5 in 1-2 hours. At 5 the gates will open and now you need to send your army to take out his troops. When his troops are gone you keep scout spamming it till loyaly is 0 and then you get the village in your next attack.

Taking this first village might take you a long time if your other villages are far away, but if it’s an inactive player it doesn’t matter, he won’t be online to stop you from taking it anyways. The next village you’re going to take however is a high level one, from a high prestige player that might have an alliance watching over him, so here you need to be as fast as possible. That’s why you need this other village close to him as your base.

Now move your army to your newly conquered low level village, with enough food to feed them for a while. Hopefully it has a high level enough rally point for the troops you need to send out from it, if not you have to build it, preferably speed build as your new neighbour might notice what you’re doing if you spend too much time on this.. Also fill up the feasting hall with heroes.

Now it’s time to go after the high level village you wanted in the first place. You pretty much use the exact same method as you used to take the low level village, the difference now is that travel time is much shorter so you can do everything real fast. In addition to scout spamming you will now also use your whole army several times, so that you take away all his food and any troops he might be reinforced with.

If he happens to get online during your scout spamming, you have to use parts of your army to attack with instead of scouts, also scout him often too look for reinforcements. It’s very hard to conquer a village of a strong player who is online, but being real close to him with an army much larger than his, it is possible.

Note that scout spamming no longer works, as the latest patch made scouts unable to damage walls. The next best thing would be cavalry, because of their speed. -Matt The Great