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How to Safeguard your Resources

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When you are under "Beginner Protection" is only good for seven days. This will help you prepare for when you are out from under that protection (When you "hatch"). And trust me... the raiders are watching you.

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Find yourself a good Alliance that has helpful members near by. The higher the rank the better! To this end, get your Embassy to at least level 3. This will allow you to have troops garrisoned at your city. They will be able to move in when beginner protection is at an end.


Get it to at least Level 5. This will be of use later when you are out of protection. Details later in this guide.


At least two. The higher the level the better. The more your resources will be protected in an attack.


Build at least six. Brought up to the level of archers. Until day six of your protection, don't worry about workers and warriors, pike men and swordsmen. I recommend at least 3000 scouts. Day 6 or 7 start building up your workers, warriors, pike men, swordsmen.


Work on getting it to the highest level you can. This will tell you sooner when you are being attacked.


The higher the level the better! Get it to where you can start building archer towers. Remember you will need to have your barracks and technologies able to build and train archers.


Informatics - The higher the level, the more detailed information you will get from your beacon tower and scouts.
Archery - You will need this for your archery towers, ballistas and your archers.
Stockpile - This will increase the amount of resources your warehouses can hold.

Don't neglect your other offensive and defensive, and resource technologies. The better your troops are trained the better to with stand an attack.


Do not use it! Save it! You get one as part of your beginner pack. You can find those bonuses by clicking on the little gift box in the left hand top corner of the game screen. Remember, Save It!


The higher the better! You will need to quickly replace what you lost. This is how I do it... it may not work for you... but it has worked for me. I have half of my resource fields for food, and the other have split up between lumber, stone and iron.


Conquer a couple. You don't need the flats right now. Concentrate on getting the ones that will increase your resource production.


It's a minute after your seven day protection has ended. There is no need to panic. You are in an alliance and you have worked out your defenses, technologies and your troops. What now?


Do not close you gates! Make sure that box is checked! If an attacker's scouts are coming to scout you... closed gates mean they will get the information! If they are open and you have scouts... your scouts will attack theirs! You have more than them..... they all die. Remember, Dead Men Tell No Tales!


One has shown up in your reports. Under "Army". An attack has occurred! Someone has scouted you! Calm down and read the report. If you have followed my advice. Your 3000 scouts have killed all the scouts that have scouted your city. Most attackers send 1 to 500 scouts for a scouting mission. With or without a Hero. Their bodies now litter your city (well except for the hero). If you have killed them all... dead men tell no tales! The hero gets away, but he doesn't bring back any info to your attacker. (You can't kill a hero.)

But, if they send in more scouts than you have. With better training technologies, they will take information back about your city. Even if just one scout survives. Still there is no reason to panic!

The higher level you beacon tower and informatics you have, you will even find out who is scouting you! And you will be able to figure out how long you will have before an attack. And how far away they are from you.

Remember! Replace your dead scouts immediately! And get more! The attacker may send more than the last time!


Be calm. If you are online in the game, that means you have an incoming attack. Read the report! Then follow these steps to protect your resources and gold. Depending on how much time you have (The report will count down the time for the attack for you.)

Remember, in the Rally Sport, make sure your gates are open to fight! Do not think that the walls will keep the attackers out. They won't! The defenses are going kill some of them first. If you have enough, they may kill them all. But, you have spent all those resources and gold training your troops, use them! If they kill the attackers... they don't take your resources and gold.

But, chances are, if someone has successfully scouted you... they have enough to kill your troops and defenses and take your resources!

Here is how you frustrate them and save a reasonable amount of your resources. You are going to loose some.... but you can save about 90% of them.

Here are some handy strategies!


You have been stockpiling resources for that next big upgrade.... do it! Walls, town hall, academy... any building that will dry up your resources! The bigger the better! Your attacker won't get it! But you will get something out of it anyway!


Start that next big research project! This will not only use up resources... but your gold!


Get in there and start replacing your archers right away! Train as many as you can! Max it out! You will have to replace some anyway... might as well use up your resources now and frustrate your attacker! I suggest in groups of 500. Remember you can always cancel trainings that haven't started and get your resources back.


Build Archer Towers! Again max them out! The more resources you use up, the better! I suggest in groups of 500. Remember you can always cancel constructions that haven't started and get your resources back.


This one is going to take some time, so it's better to leave for last! After you have done the other suggestions!

Sell everything you got left that is not stored in your warehouses! You may just want to just sell everything! Your attacker may have Privateering Technology.... and that lets them hit the warehouses. If they have level 10 on that... they can take 30% of what you store in them.

Sell all your resources. Sell them at below market rate so they are immediately bought! Yes you are going to loose some gold on this for the value... but at least your attacker won't have them.

Now... buy your resources back! But only if the attack is less than 25 minutes from you! It takes a little over 29 minutes for resources to come to your city after they are bought in the market place. Yes, you are gain loosing gold, but at least your attacker isn't going to get it.

The only successful attack against my city... an alliance member of mine told me to hide all my resources in the marketplace by selling them at an greatly inflated price so no one would buy them. IT DID NOT WORK! Once again... IT DID NOT WORK! Resources are not safe, from attack, unless they have been sold! I lost 5 million total in resources on that attack. IT DOES NOT WORK!


Take all your workers, warriors and scouts and reinforce one of your resource valleys with them. With a Hero. You may even want to save your other troops too! This won't really save your resources, but it will save your troops.


Remember that teleport you saved from your Beginner Pack? Well, if you just don't feel like going all through that... and you want to leave the neighborhood with all those big bad attackers... teleport away! It does frustrate the attacker... and its sort of a "chicken" way out. And your troops don't get to kill anyone... but hey... you are safe.

Of course... if you have already used your teleport....


Well, pick yourself up from the dirt, brush yourself off... and rebuild and keep training!

Whatever you do... Don't email the attacker. It's a cry baby move. Don't whine for your stuff back. Don't complain. Just shrug it off. Learn from it.

Do a quick "Disaster Relief" to your populace from your town hall. Get there loyalty back up and grievance level back down. And just carry on... make yourself stronger. Remember, you can't loose your last city.

And plan your revenge.

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