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Keeping a Massive Army

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Many people are cheering on the Evony forums about how it is now impossible to have a massive army in your cities, and how all those “cheaters” are going to have their troops starve.

This is not true!

With a little work, you can still have 500k in each city.

Steps to Keeping a Massive Army

1. Spam farms or sawmills

Pick one and go with it. You will want at least 25. Do note that many people will be buying food to support their armies, so selling the wood for food will start to give diminishing returns.

2. Max the research

Whatever resource you go for, wood or food, you will want to max the research for that resource. You will also want max horseback riding and logistics.

3. Space out your villages

You don’t want to have all your villages clustered together; as then, you will be competing for resources with yourself. Space them out and destroy one of your barracks and replace it with a max level relief station. That way, you can shift your troops around very quickly even though they aren’t close together. One barracks is a small price to pay to keep your troops alive.

4. Optimize your valleys

Take over only high level valleys that correspond with your chosen resource. Since your cities are spaced out, this will be much easier. Remember, valleys can change their level during the server maintenance. Just wait before taking them over, and they’ll become higher.

5. Make a super politics hero in each city

Spam attack high level NPCs with your politics hero in order to boost his/her level. This, obviously, works best on Lv. 10’s. Just be sure to send more ballista then usual to compensate for the hero’s lower attack score. Once he/she is at an uber level, make them the mayor again. You might want a backup politics hero to use as a temporary mayor until this step is done.

6. Setup NPC farming trains

This part uses an over looked fact. NPC farming wasn’t nerfed, it was tweaked. If you have several high level NPCs in your area, then make one massive NPC farming force. If you have several smaller ones, then make two or even three smaller ones. Do this in every city, and start farming NPCs on a rotating basis, i.e. attack the closest, then the next closest, and then the next. Having horseback riding and logistics at max level will speed this process up. Simply make a list of what cities you have attacked today, and ignore them until they recharge. If you want to mass your army in just one city, then just transfer the farmed resources to your main city. Taking over high level flats, and turning them into NPCs will help this.

NPCs now regenerate the following per hour

Level 1: 4.1k
Level 2: 8.2k
Level 3: 37.5k
Level 4: 67k
Level 5: 125k
Level 6: 167k
Level 7: 187.5k
Level 8: 334k
Level 9: 584k
Level 10: 792k

That’s it. Depending on what you build, and how good you get at this, you should be able to get around 500k in each city. Sure, this takes some effort, but at least no one can complain that you’re getting something for nothing now.

Please note that I have not listed turning the smaller players into NPCs for farming as a part of this I personally don’t support this. It is, however, what many players will do to make this even more effective.

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