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Maximizing Gold While Not Playing

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I'm quite sure everyone has heard about the "100%tax rate/disaster relief" stuff, so I'm not including it here in my post (especially because it wasn't my idea). This guide is about the optimum tax rate for getting the most of your gold while you're not around your PC.

Please note that this guide doesn't take in account two important thing. First, the risk of being attacked which drops your loyalty and second the
workforce (the later will slightly be approached in the end of the guide). That is something I leave to your consideration.

Gold doesn't tick every second like the other resources (lumber, stone and iron). It ticks every 6 minutes. The same applies to population and loyalty values -- they tick every 6 minutes.

2-Max Gold in a steady population:
For this test, I used the proposition that the Population was steady (which means it does not vary along the time)

Using the population X, and varying the tax rate from 0%-100%, i came with this graphic.

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As you can see, the optimum tax rate in a steady pop is 50% tax rate. that's not something new, and it's widely discussed in the forums.

3-Max Gold in a dynamic population:
As you have probably noticed, the population changes in time. This is mainly due to loyalty-tax Rate interaction.

Pop = Loyalty% * Max Pop
Loyalty% = 100% - Tax%
The population of a determined city is equal to the product of loyalty in % by max population.
Now, let's assume you were playing but it's getting late and it's time to go to bed . You were using the "100% tax rate / disaster" tactic. But Since you won't be getting up every 15m/30m to disaster relief, you want to set up a good tax rate. Now what would you go for? What's the best tax rate for optimum income?

In the hypothesis I used a population of 10.000 inhabitants (that's why you see vales in y).

This graphic show the accumulated gold revenue over time. It might be a pain to read, so here's another one, with only the 12 first hours.

and the table of values (just with some turning points)

Don't forget that getting your loyalty below the % of your workforce decreases other productions. If your loyalty reaches 0, your population riots, everything is paralised. And according to some testimonials (haven't tried it myself) the city might turn rebel.

In a steady population, the most profitable tax rate would be 50%. The max population should be raised to double the workforce needed.

In a dynamic population, the appropriate tax depends on the duration of the player absence.

For periods smaller than 10 hours, a 100% tax rate its the most profitable.

Between 10 and 12 hours, it radically changes to a tax rate of 60%.

between 12 and 20, 55%

After 20 hours it stabilizes to 50%, which is the same as a stable population, which enforces the theory that the population should be the double the workforce needs.

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