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Frequently asked questions in Evony

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How do I play this game?

Read the Quick-Start Guide to get past the growing pains and into the fun more quickly!

How do I get more prestige?

Upgrade your buildings, creating an army.

(Seriously, click Overview, Comforting and choose Praying!)

Send 300 warriors on a suicide mission against the highest level barbarian city near you (about 700 prestige).
The more warriors you send, the higher the prestige!

Where do I get the Lords Package?

Click the small gift icon in the top-left corner to claim the Newbies Package and the Package for Lords

Then, click My Items, open the Chest Tab, and open the packages!

What is a Barbarian City or NPC Town?

Barbarian cities, also known as NPC towns, fly a black flag in the Map

You can attack these and get great resources and prestige, but they are well-defended and regenerate very quickly!

How many troops do I need to defeat a Barbarian City?

To learn about Barbarian cities, see Barbarian Cities.

How do I get lumber?

Build more sawmills

Levy lumber

Buy from Marketplace

Raid Forests

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Raid Barbarian cities

Ask alliance members for a gift

Win from the Wheel of the Fortune

How do I get another city?

Defeat a valley (the valley level doesn't matter)

Collect at least 10,000 gold, food, lumber, stone and iron

Get 250 workers

Click on Map, click on the valley you own, click Build City

What does it mean Conquer a Flat?

Click Map, click a flat, click Attack

Is it better to build a city on a L10 Flat vs. a L1 Flat?

No. The city would be exactly the same, but if you abandon it, the level of the resulting Barbarian City will be the level of the Flat

How do I abandon a city?

Click Overview, Cities tab, and Abandon

Do two academies in two cities speed up the research process?

No. Each academy researches one technology at normal speed, but a second academy can research a different technology at the same time!

When you redistribute points on a hero, does it redistribute only the attributes gained since you recruited that hero?

No. It does a complete reset on the hero as if he were Level 1 again (but with the same experience points)

What makes your city look bigger from the Map View?

On the outside, your Town Hall level affects the appearance, or how big, your city looks. Level 1 Gives you a small village. Level 4 Gives your city some walls. Level 7 Gives your walls towers, a gate, and increases the size of your walls. Level 10 Makes your city extremely larger, much like a castle. Remember, this is only about appearances from the Map View.

How do I increase the number of citizens in my city?

The number of citizens depends on your stable Loyalty rating and the maximum capacity of citizens in your city.   The number of citizens in your city is calculated as  max-capacity * loyalty%.   Your stable loyalty depends on your tax rate as  100 - tax rate.
See also: Taxes and Loyalty

Is there a suggested (logical) layout plan for the city?

Each building functions the same regardless of where it is built. The only advantages to an organized layout is finding buildings when you need them.

How many cottages, barracks and so on should I built?

This depends on your goals: if you want to attack others, build more barracks. If you want to defend, build more cottages to support a large standing army. Also, your second city will have a completely different layout.

How do you gain access to the benefits of the valleys that are not flats?

To gain the benefits of a valley, you must conquer it with troops. Try sending 50 warriors against a level 1 valley. You should win and start receiving the benefits of the valley! To see the benefits, click Overview (beneath your portrait on the right side of the screen), then the Valleys tab.

What level and which type of hero should be used with these valleys?

The hero does not matter. The size of your army does! 

How many troops do you need?


How long (approximately) should the hero stay?

The hero can return. Actually, the entire army can return, but you can choose to leave some troops behind to defend the valley in case another player attacks it.

How does a valley's level change or do they change at all?

Valley levels do not change.

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