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It would be great if Evony had...

Friendly Alliances

Evony should allow friendly alliances to help one another!

Friendly alliances should be able to transport and reinforce one another. If they can't, what's the point in even having friendly alliances? Less fear? Don't get me wrong, Less fear is a good thing, but all you can do with one another is gang up on someone else.


Refuge means your troops leave you when you have insufficient food. That makes sense, but it doesn't make sense to lose
them. Not when you have another city! Especially one a mile away.

Make the troops leaving move to your next city. Preferably the closest one.


Players can occupy islands and need to build boats to cross the water.

Barbarian Raiding Parties

Barbarian towns (NPC cities) should send out raiding parties against you!

Construction Queue

Can we please queue our construction, just like we can queue our troops.

War Manager

We should be able to track where all our enemy's cities are - if one member of our alliance finds an enemy city, all members should know where it is.

Captured Hero

After attacking a flat you sometimes come home with a Hero captured. The game gives the option to persuade this hero to fight for you by giving a him/her a medal. Well if you don't want the hero the only option you are left with is Release Hero. The game should allow us to get a random medal when releasing the hero. Whatever the Hero had around his neck ;-)