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Items and Their Uses

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Gaining Items

There are numerous ways to gain Evony Items.

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-Cents, these can be bought from the Store or won on the amulet.
-Amulet, Items can be won directly from this wheel.
-Battle Drops, Some items can be dropped from battles, especially NPC’s.

The Different Items

Hero Experience Items

- Anabasis
“Increases Hero’s experience by 1,000 or 8% of current level cap (Whichever’s greater)”
Cost: 8 Cents

- Epitome of Military Science
“Increase Hero’s experience by 10,000 or 30% of current level cap (Whichever’s greater)”
Cost: 30 Cents

- On War
“Increases Hero’s experience by 100,000 or 100% of current level cap (Whichever’s greater)”
Cost: 100 Cents

These Items can be very useful, either early on or late game. When starting a new server, they can give a good head start to your heroes, or On War can add a whole new attack level to you 300+ Attack heroes. Save On War for high attack heroes, and use the other two on Lesser ability heroes.

Resource Production Buffs

- Quarrying Tools
- Advanced Quarrying Tools

“Increases production of Stone by 25%. Effective for 24 hours (7 days advanced)”
Cost: 8 Cents. 50 Cents (Advanced)

- Tax Policy
- Advanced Tax Policy

“Increases Tax Revenue by 25%. Effective for 24 hours (7 days advanced)”
Cost: 45 Cents. 280 Cents (Advanced)

- Arch Saw
- Double Saw

“Increases production of lumber by 25%. Effective for 24 hours (7 days Double Saw)”
Cost: 8 cents. 50 Cents (Double Saw)

- Blower
- Blast Furnace

“Increases production of iron by 25%. Effective for 24 hours (7 Blast Furnace)
Cost: 8 Cents. 50 Cents (Blast Furnace)

- Plowshares
- Iron Rake

“Increases production of food by 25. Effective for 24 hours (7 days Iron Rake)
Cost: 8 Cents. 50 Cents (Iron rake)

These can be extremely useful, especially early on in a server where resource production is slim. They can also help late game where all the lvl 10 NPC’s you are hitting are taking too many losses to rebuild with the resources you produce. Therefore, very useful whatever point you are at in the game.

Hero Individual Stat Boosts

- The Art of War (Intelligence)
- Wealth of Nations (Politics)
- Excalibur (Attack)

“Increases a hero’s Intelligence/Politics/Attack by 25%. Effective for 7 days.”
Cost: 40 Cents Each

Excalibur is the most used Item in this category, and is one of the most powerful that can be used. It can be used to train a lesser attack hero to the point of being able to farm lvl 10’s and if used on a politics mayor, can be very effective in rising your production level for 7 days, which can make a big difference. Intelligence heroes are not as important except early on with research times.

Combat Buffs

- War Ensign“Pre-Applied in rally spot to increase personnel limit %25 while sending out troops”
Cost: 30 Cents

- Corselet
- Ultra Corselet

“Increase Defense of Troops By 20%. Effective for 24 hours (7 days Ultra)
Cost: 10 Cents. 60 Cents (Ultra)

- War Horn
- Ivory Horn

“Increase Attack of Troops by 20%. Effective for 24 hours (7 Days Ivory)
Cost: 10 cents. 60 Cents (Ivory)

- Penicillin“Decrease personnel loss by up to 30% during battles. Effective for 7 days.
Cost: 120 Cents

These give your army an extra boost in attack and defense, and can make the difference in winning or losing. Best used when planning a big attack on a player, or conquering your first lvl 10 NPC. When conquering your first, your hero attack will be fairly low (150 Attack) and so these buff’s can really affect your losses. Extremely useful in Combat situations.
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Medal Boxes

- Junior Medal Box (Up to 2 to 4 Cross, Rose and Lion Medals randomly once opened.)

- Medium Medal Box (Up to 2 to 4 Honor, Courage and Wisdom Medals randomly once opened.)

- Senior Medal Box (Up to 2 to 4 Freedom, Justice and Nation Medals randomly once opened.)

Cost: 80 Cents for Junior. 140 Cents for Medium. 240 Cents for Senior.

I will go onto medals and titles in more detail in another guide, but medals are required to grow titles, which gives you access to holding more cities. From Civilian to Prinzessin (1 to 10). These medal boxes can give you very quick promotions and can be very sought after early in-game, especially in new servers where there is a very low medal drop rate.

Speed Up Items

- Beginner Guidelines – Shorten Construction or Research Time by 15 Minutes. (5 Cents)

- Primary Guidelines – Shorten Construction or Research Time by 1 Hour. (10 Cents)

- Intermediate Guidelines – Shorten Construction or Research Time by 2 and a half Hour’s. (20 Cents)

- Senior Guidelines – Shorten Construction or Research Time by 8 hours. (50 Cents)

- Master Guidelines – Shorten Construction or Research Time by 10 to 30 Hours. (80 Cents)

- Ultimate Guidelines – Shorten Construction or Research Time by 30%. (120 Cents)

These Items lose their appeal after Research is done and Lvl10 NPC’s are captured, but are very useful early on, allowing you to develop your cities quicker than your enemies.

- Archimedes’s Note – Shorten the Remaining time of construction of Fortified Units by 30%. ( 35 Cents)

- Napoleon’s Diary – Shorten remaining time of training troops by 30%. ( 30 Cents)

- Merchant Fleet – Instantly Finish the Transportation from the Market. ( 5 Cents)

These are useful in a number of situations. Archimedes’s Note is useful when an attack is incoming and you need some quick defenses. Napoleon’s Diary is useful in that situation also, but also when you need a quick attack wave sent off. Merchant Fleet is also useful when food is greatly needed for Comforting or you desperately need some gold etc.

Misc Items

- City Teleport – Teleport your city to a random location within a selected State. ( 30 Cents)

These are fairly useful. They can be used to move a city from a vulnerable spot or even a random teleport into an enemy alliances state and hope you get near some nice targets. In my opinion its best use is to teleport away former barb cities. E.g., if you take an lvl 7 NPC, then teleport it away and abandon it, there will be a lvl 7 flat in its original location. This can be grown during server maintenance into a brand new Lvl 10 NPC!

- Advanced City Teleport – Teleport your city to a specific location. ( 90 Cents)

These are extremely useful, the war player’s dream. These allow you to teleport into an unused flat, any that you choose. This is usually used to teleport into enemy hubs for war purposes and to begin hitting them. There is a 24 hour cool down period in which troops cannot be sent out of this city.

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- Civil Code - Instantly add 20% of the population limit (or 100, whichever is greater) to the Current Population. Does not work if the Current Population reaches the Population Limit. ( 50 Cents)

This is a fairly useless item but if you need the extra population, then this is for you.

- Dynamite - Demolish building immediately but acquire no resources. ( 20 Cents)

An infinite amount of these would be great, because they are so useful in remodelling those lvl 10 NPC’s. They can be used to take out the cottages in place of barracks, or later on when your hero has grown, vice versa.

- Aries Amulet – Acquired one item randomly once applied ( 5 Cents)

This allows you to spin the wheel, which gives you a random prize every time. These range from 20k Lumber, to 1 speaker, to a Veteran Battalion, all the way up to 100 Cents (I dream!). Evony say the average value of items raffled off works out at 24 Cents.

- Hero Hunting – Refresh recruitment list in Inn ( 5 Cents)

Not a bad item, but with a bit of gold you can sort of create it yourself. It refreshed the Inn, particularly useful when looking for low lvl, high base stat heroes. But with gold, you can just recruit and dismiss, which is a very similar method.

- Holy Water – Default Heroes attributes. One more consumed every 10 levels. ( 20 Cents)

These items can be very handy. If you have a lot of them, use on your best politics hero and increase the attack. Hit a few NPC’s with your new found attack hero, and switch the stats back to Attack by using more Holy Water. Then you have increased your politics hero without having to worry about a considerable amount more losses.

- Speaker – Used while speaking on world chat and sending group messages. ( 3 Cents each)

If you are not a big talker in world chat, and have a position of power within an alliance, these will be greatly useful while sending group messages. Either way, these will mostly be in great supply so don’t worry too much about running out.

- National Flag – Used to change text on flag. ( 6 Cents)

Self explanatory, it is best used when changing alliances.

- New ID – Change Lord Name in game ( 200 Cents)

Maybe best when you are being constantly hit and want a new start without clicking the restart button.

- Speech Text – Instantly increase loyalty to 100 and decrease public grievance to 0. ( 100 Cents)

These are quite useful when getting hit by ‘loyalty’ waves. Using a few of these when your enemy is close to conquering may be enough to put them off trying.

- Ritual of Pact – Instantly increase alliance member limit to 100. (500 Cents)

Most useful on new servers where embassy’s are a low level. In old servers most hosts are experienced and because of lvl 10 NPC’s, would probably already have a lvl 10 embassy.

- Truce Agreement - Once applied your town will have 12 hours of peace time. In this time you can't neither perform attack nor be attacked by others. If troops marching to your city or you have despatched troops, you can't use this item. ( 30 Cents)

Best used when in war and when you are sleeping/working. This can be countered sometimes by a 1 warrior camp time 100 hour attack. However, im not sure how effective this is. Also used when rebuilding and know an inevitable attack is coming.

- Michelangelo’s Script - It's a must for further upgrades of buildings level 10 or higher. ( 50 Cents)

Very useful, and one of the most popular items on the game. It allows you to upgrade a building to lvl 10. Depending on where you are at in the game, I would recommend Walls, Rally Spot and Town Hall as the three priorities, but it is up to you. 

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