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Level 5 NPCs vs Ballistae What You Need

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Have you ever wanted to attack level a 5 NPC to farm medals or just attack for food and other resources?  Well I'm going to tell you what I've done to attack a level 5 NPC city. First I would just like to tell you what everything means and what I've done should work for you, but may not be 100% correct.
     lvl-level            arch-Archery     mt-millitary tradition         iw-iron working    hbr-horseback riding     log-logistics
I attacked a lvl 5 npc with
mt lvl:5
iw lvl:5
arch lvl:9
hbr lvl:9

This part is for how many transporters you need to take all of lvl 5 NPC resources
   log lvl:1         log lvl:2       log lvl:3          log lvl:4         log lvl:5      log lvl:6           log lvl:6        log lvl:8        log lvl:9         log lvl:10



       614       570       532        499        469        443       420       399
if lvl:0 use 789 I hope this helps for all {:)