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Close Your Gates

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Until you get level 9 technology or better to enhance your troop's combat ability, KEEP THE GATES CLOSED when the big dogs come raid you!

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You are going to rebuild all your defences anyway, why rebuild your army too?

It takes a considerable amount of time and resources to replace Archers. Why send level 6 archers against level 10? Like putting a kid in the ring with Mike Tyson. Unless you enjoy pain, don't do it!

The attacker can not take your city if you have troops and your Loyalty is not zero, better to sit the fight out until you are strong enough to go head to head with the attacker.

Shuffle the resources, sell them if you are online, then buy them back with the delivery time (30 min) after the fight time (arrival time of the enemy) or keep them under warehouse.

Keep your gold down if you can, you can not warehouse gold.

If you do not look too rich, they should leave you alone, build as many traps as you can!