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Free Hero Hunting

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If you don’t pay real money to get cents you can save the cents you currently have for things other than hero hunting.

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First make your Feasting Hall at least level 4-6. After that get your Inn to at least level 2-4. You need 1-2 spaces in the Feasting Hall at the least for each attribute (Politics, Attack, Intelligence). 

Next find 1 hero of each attribute. If you have a Feasting Hall higher than level 3 use the extra spaces for more heroes. 

Go to the Inn. If there is a hero with an attribute higher than your current hero for that attribute replace him/her. If you have multiple heroes replace the lower one so you have 2 high heroes for the attribute. Repeat this process until you have extremely high attribute heroes. 

By doing this you will obtain powerful heroes and not spend any cents.

Another very good and easy way to get good heroes without using hero hunting is to keep your inn at level one. Then, every time you get a bad hero in the inn just delete the inn and rebuild it. This is a cheap and easy way to find good heroes.