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Prestige in Evony shows how strong you are and is necessary to get promoted. Note that the prestige rewards go down the higher your military rank is. Why? It is more prestigious for a first-rank cadet to build a large town hall than it is for a Major to do the same, for example!

Every action gives prestige, such as Praying or upgrading a building. 

You can calculate how much prestige will be gained using the level of whatever you're trying to build or research along with the level of your Town Hall.

Each level of the unit you're creating will DOUBLE the prestige you got before. For instance while Town Hall is at level 1 and it builds a farm the first level of the farm will net 5.5 prestige. Upgrading that farm immediately following will add 11 prestige and then again after than, 22 prestige, and the level 4 instant click will add another 44 prestige. I believe farms to be the best prestige per second in the game especially considering you can be starting with an empty lot and be upgrading a farm to level 5 in just seconds and in less than 10 minutes when that farm is complete you will have net 170 prestige.

Warriors are worth about 1.1 prestige apiece at this level. If you can pump out warriors before you reach level 2 Town Hall then go for it! Building warriors and Farms and balancing out the rest of the resources will get you to 20K Prestige before you need to upgrade Town Hall to level 2. My Constanto on Server 12 has 100K prestige and is just about ready to move into level 3 Town Hall mainly because I can't build enough resources to create my level 9 wall. I'm lowering my tax to get the workers I need but that's just inhibiting my research. I just started building up my Academy and Beacon Tower to whatever I can get them to before Town Hall 3 is necessary and hopefully build enough quarries in the meantime to build that level 9 wall, I calculate it will bring in about 32K prestige!

Quest says "You can increase your Prestige by upgrading buildings, training army and winning battle."