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Secret Weapons and Tactics: Prestige

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There are a few trick you can do with prestige once you understand how it works.

First you can build a city that has an extremely LOW prestige for what it's worth. When people go to peruse your area of the map you look much weaker than you actually are.

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I admittedly haven't tried this approach but I imagine you could mass produce Catapults with less than 85K prestige.

Alternatively I am running an experiment on Server 12 to get #1 in XP simply by building smartly. I'm not sure it's maximizing prestige as I'm greatly lacking in the Research department limiting my population to low level cottages. That aside, I am in great position to pump out insane amounts of Scouts and am working on having a 6th army of 3500 scouts go around and farm the entire area of level 1 valleys and any city under 1000 prestige for me.

This nets about 60 prestige per good battle times 5 every 2-5 minutes.

When I go afk I send them halfway across the globe just to taunt those who probably aren't going to invest in getting me back, ever.

I am trying a little experiment on Server 4 as well.

I built a second city, sent a ton of resources to it, built up its farms and everything at level 1 and then abandoned my level 6 town hall city.

It allows me to gain prestige at a level 1 again!

Furthermore now I'm building 2 cities with level 1 Town Halls. I imagine he's going to be going up the boards very quickly once I start focusing on him, he's building up resources still and then when I put em both on level 2 I'll start operations to build ballistas! He's already 80K prestige so I imagine two cities growing like this should give me another 200K by level 3 Town Hall.

Another very fast way to get prestige while your Town halls are still fairly low (level 5 or under in two cities) is to breed Warriors just to attack level one and two NPC cities. After awhile I stopped attacking the cities for resources and just sent wave after wave of warriors to multiple NPC cities.

Here are two examples:

First is a level one NPC:

Not much prestige.Only about 400 , but I was a Baronette / Captain with two cities. Next is a level two NPC:

A good ammount of prestige from the level two NPC with a 800-900 prestige grab. I have had as much as 1.1k prestige from a level two NPC though. I only use my second city to build the warriors for NPC city prestige now that I've already got both cities fairly made. This trick to fast prestige got me to to 100's list in about two days and kept it there with less extreme NPC attacks, like one or two attacks a day.

For those of you worried that this is a waste, I also have the biggest army in my area so it has had no negative impact on my forces by wasting these warriors.