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Heavy armored Cavalry that are both excellent in attack and defense, but are costly.

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History: While not a Byzantine invention, heavy cavalry reached a new level of perfection under the Byzantine Empire. Until the sixth century AD, Byzantium had relied on Teutonic and Hunnish mercenary cavalry, but under the Emperor Nicephorus II - known as The Pale Death - native heavy cavalry, the Cataphracts, became the cornerstone of Byzantine warfare.
The heaviest cavalry of its age, they shielded both rider and horse with thick armor. The effectiveness of the Cataphracts made them the key model for later Europen Knights.

Prerequisite     Required
 Construction      Level 7
 Technology      Level 5 Iron Working
 Food  2000
 Lumber 500 
 Iron  2500
 Build Time 25 minutes, 0 seconds