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The name is the Latinized form of the Ancient Greek ?atap??t?? - katapeltes, from ?at? - kata (downwards, into, against) and p???? - pallo (to poise or sway a missile before it is thrown). 

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The catapult appears to have been invented in 399 BC in the city of Syracuse during the reign of the tyrant Dionysius II. Originally, "catapult" referred to a dart-thrower, while "ballista" referred to a stone-thrower, but the two terms swapped meaning sometime in the fourth century AD.

You will need 2 Michelangelo's Scripts to Make Catapults. You need one for Barracks, and one Workshop to get your Metal Casting level 10.

 Prerequisite          Requirements 
 Construction  Level 10 Barracks 
 Technology  Level 10 Metal Casting 
 Technology      Level 10 Archery
 Food      5000
 Lumber  5000
 Stone  8000 
 Iron  1200
Time Requirement   1 hour, 40 minutes 

 Life  480 
 Population  8 
 Attack  600 
 defense  200 
 Load  75
 Food  250 
 Speed  80
 Range  1500